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Should I Start My Own Website or Stay on Etsy?

Are you getting tired of Etsy's constant changes? Wondering if you should start your own website and spread your little wings and fly?

This is one very important thing any serious seller should have already. A domain name! Buy a domain name for your business, I prefer namecheap and have used them for years.

Now that you have a domain name you need to start a one page website, or just forward your domain name to Etsy for now.

Have business cards made with your domain name and send them out with every order, pass them out to friends and family, put them up in coffee houses and anywhere it's allowed.

Driving traffic to a standalone is the hardest part. Get started with this as early as you can so your domain can start getting ranked organically asap. Nothing beats genuine organic traffic. 

Good luck! You'll be one step closer to not counting on Etsy for everything.